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Monday, January 25, 2016

Wattpad's Publish Worthy Titles

Okay I hope you know what Wattpad is if not, shame on you! Wattpad is an app/website that regular ol' people like you and me can use to write and read stories for free. Some of books even get pick up for publishing. I have my own list of favorite works on my profile but here are just a few that are worthy of being published.
The Gladiator Series by @Tall_Girl
Gladiator of Rome
In this awesome historical fiction we follow the story of Gladiator Krista during her trials in the arena and her yearning for freedom. I do not want to give it all away so click on the link above and start reading. The series is complete so you will not be kept waiting and by the end you will be left wondering if something like to tale of Krista could have really happened.

12 Seconds by @Tall_Girl
Once again @Tall_Girl has drawn me in. In 12 Seconds follow the Marine Jules as she rediscovers her self five years after an explosion while deployed in Afghanistan. The catch, Jules suffered terrible memory loss and is not even aware she was a Marine, let alone one of the best. She may not remember her past but her past remembers her.

Love at First Letter by @MegaanNicolee
Love at First Letter
After the death of both of her parents in the service Hazel Tate has run from all things military. Between the young authors book signings and writing she some how she finds her self replying to a random letter from a soldier. Find out if her heart is strong enough to overcome her fear and let this man and the military back in.

Dear Emmett by @JasmineTheDreamer
Dear Emmett
Most people look at teen pregnancy's as a curse but maybe in this one case it was fate.

Do you have any other favorites? Comment them down below!

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